Transformational Workshops to Inspire Results

B.Better offers a variety of transformational workshops and team coaching sessions designed to improve employee engagement, inspire creativity, ignite passion for work and improve morale.  Typical clients are from corporate settings, small to mid-sized companies, non-profits, schools, governmental organizations, churches and interested community groups and retreats.

The following is a sampling of workshop topics presented by an expert business coach:

  • Strengths at Work:  How to Use Your Best Assets to Improve Professional Success
  • Culture Transformation:  Unlocking Organizational Potential for Sustainable Growth
  • Core Values Seminar:  Optimizing Business Results for Better Productivity and Profit
  • Conflict Resolution:  A Proven Process for Leadership Teams
  • Reinvigorating Your Vision to Move Your Business Forward
  • Staying Right Side Up When Life is Upside Down: Achieving Work/Life Balance While Running Your Business.

With a professional business advisor and facilitator, you can experience improved teamwork, problem solving, group cohesion and alignment around shared values and goals that get better results.  To find out more about B.Better workshops, team coaching, and group facilitations, contact Chris for a free consultation.