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Career Transition for Unlocking Your Potential

Are you currently in transition with your career?  Maybe you’re considering a new job, or thinking about buying a small business.  Or, maybe you’ve been out of the workplace altogether and are looking at re-entry.  Career coaching services empower clients to successfully change careers and find the right job or business for their unique set of interests, skills, strengths, abilities and experience.

The career transition model – Discover, Design, Amplify, Acquire – is a proven system for acquiring the job or business of your dreams.  The right career move should inspire you, use your strengths, fit your lifestyle and values, and ultimately give you a sense of being “on purpose.”

An experienced career advisor walks you through each phase of this model:

  • Discover. During this phase, you will focus on learning more about yourself through career assessments, discovery tools and professional career coaching conversations to determine your interests, skills, values, personality style, strengths, leadership abilities – and how they align with your vision for your professional future.
  • Design. Based on findings in the Discover phase, next comes your professional branding with the wordsmithing and design of your resume, LinkedIn profile, biography, professional photo, business networking card, and other vehicles that will help you stand out and effectively market your capabilities.
  • Amplify. Once your branding is complete, next comes planning and implementation of the steps to help you find your professional path through a Strategic Job Acquisition Plan with simple yet power steps to apply for positions at the best places, network effectively and get your talents in front of the right people.
  • Acquire. After landing an interview, there is practice, preparation and follow-up to secure another interview and eventually acquire the perfect position.

Career coaching sessions are 100% confidential and tailored to meet the individual needs of each client.  Sessions are delivered in-person in our Wayzata office, over the phone or by email, depending on a client’s needs and schedule.  Career counseling typically lasts about one hour and is geared to fit the client’s schedule, with meeting on a weekly basis usually the best practice.

Career transition coaching is designed to encourage and support you on the way to your dream job, through providing a proven model, structure and accountability for better results.  Take the time to unlock your potential, maximize your results and move with intention toward professional fulfillment and success!

To find out more about career coaching with B.Better, contact Chris for a  free consultation.