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What Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know

One of the biggest challenges facing business owners trying to grow their businesses is how to hold people accountable without being the bad guy. It’s stressful. You set and assign goals. Easy enough. Your em- ployees say they will get it done… and then it doesn’t seem to happen.

You can’t possibly spur on each individual person in your organi- zation to stay on task. You can only do that by building a culture of accountability.

If you have that culture in place, there is a framework. Without it, there is chaos and inconsistency. One week all is well and then the next week it just falls apart.

We’ve all seen it before in other endeavors. You attend a seminar on time management, for example, and come back on fire, eager to take control of your life. Then you return to the real world and old habits return. Without some accountability mechanism, your new time man- agement skills can’t survive outside of the hotel meeting room where they were learned.

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Minnesota Business – The Entrepreneurial Operating System gives emerging companies more structure and better results

Last year, Gino made an appearance on the Entrepreneur website to offer 8 questions that an entrepreneur can ask themselves to see if their company is truly focused.  If you’re familiar with EOS, then you understand that as companies grow bigger, they start getting distracted by “shiny” things around them that blow them off course, creating an unfocused company that cannot muster enough energy in its original direction to truly make an impact.  EOS is all about bringing that focus back, and these questions are a great starting point that, while not solving anything, allows an entrepreneur to get a better pulse on their organization and figure out if they are really getting traction and growing.  These questions include some heavy, hard to answer points that really allow for some organizational introspection, including:

What are my issues?
What are my core values?
What is my core focus?
What is my 10-year plan?

If you’re new to EOS, these loaded questions may force you to look at your organization in a different light – do not be intimidated, most companies we work with do not consider questions like these beforehand. Afterwards, you’ll have some objective points and issues on a sheet of paper, and therefore be able to gauge the efficiency and strength of your organization with much more clarity.

You can read the full article here – Entrepreneur Magazine features EOS.

The New York Times – And I’d Like to Thank My Coach

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